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   About Us

As the founders of the company, we have been in the sales and marketing sector for years. At the end of the year 2007, we have established Milker Melktechnik und Handels GmbH company in Heidelberg. Our aim is to collect the spare parts for the milking machines from different countries around the world, aggregate them with the ones we obtained from Germany, assemble them there, and finally, sell them to the world with the German quality.


In brief, our work is the production and marketing of the milking machines for cow, sheep, and goat.


Moreover, it is marketing of the farm equipments and their spare parts.


In April 2008, we have bought a house with a huge store for our company, and moved to St. Leon-Rot.


Until now, we communicated with Poland, Belarus, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Greece, and Romania. Soon, the rest of the world will know about us.


Market search and right market analysis is very important for us to fill the gap at the agriculture area.


We guarantee quality and fair prices.

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